How to add custom meta tag in joomla head section

Easy way  to add custom meta tag in joomla head section

While dealing with seo we need some html tag to place at header. Few times we need to add code by custom in file because limitation in admin panel.
In joomla there few ways by which you can add the code.
im going to tell you the easiest way to add that code.

Follow the instructions:
1. Open your FTP or Cpanel file directory
2. Go to the directory => libraries\joomla\document\renderer\html
3. Open the file head.php
4. Add the code approx line no 100 or after as coditons
               $buffer .= $tab . ‘<meta name=”metaname” content=”content”/>’ . $lnEnd;
5. Now your head tag will be visible in all pages.

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