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It is very dissapointing when We have the presence of duplicate product pages/URLs in different categories. These pages share similar content and design with each other, hence creating duplicate issue for search engines. Search engines do not like 2 or more URLs/site pages sharing the same content and design.

Url like


It is recommended to have flat URL structure and create product pages from the root folder. This will avoid the duplicate issues being created on the website.

In order to solve this issue, we recommend the following steps:
1) We recommend changing the URL structure so that the product URLs being linked from the category pages will be generated from the root folder.
2) 301 re-directing all the duplicate URLs that were generated from category folder to the final URLs from root folder.

There several few ways you can do this -:

1) Use Canonical Tags -:

Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimizations -> Use Canonical Like Meta Tag for Products -> Set it to Yes

2) Remove category path from the product URL

Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimizations -> Use Categories Path for Product URLs -> Set it to No

3) If you want to have a category path for each and every product URL of the site then the following module will be the best as we have used it in one of our projects recently

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