How to create thank you page in prestashop

How to create New page /thank you page in prestashop

In seo it is very important to set a goal and then check the converstions. so its a great idea to create a thank you page and then redirect after submitting the contact page or final page of shopping.

It is quite easy to make thank you page in prestashop

Here few step you have to follow:

  1. First Log-in to your PrestaShop dashboard.
  2. In left menu bar, Go to  Preferences tab and select the CMS option from the menu.
  3. Now you have to click on + sign of add new CMS page.
  4. This takes you to the Edit CMS Pages page, where you will enter the details of the page. The required fields of this page is Meta Title (the page title) and the Friendly URL, which fills in automatically when you enter the title. Be sure to select the Enable radio button to display the page, otherwise PrestaShop will hold it as a draft copy.
  5. Once finished, click on the Save button on the top of the screen.
  6. Your new page will display in the page list.

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