What is Jquery ? Jquery Tutorial

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript API which makes it a lot easier to perform various standard JavaScript actions in your HTML page. By Jquery we can easily makes our website quick much pretty and also it plays vital roles in Validation and Changes without page load. jQuery also takes care of cross browser compatibility issues, so you can focus on getting your page to work as intended.

jQuery Makes Web Development Easier

Having worked with jQuery for some years I must say that jQuery made it fun to work with web applications again. Making your web pages and web apps dynamic is so much easier with jQuery than with standard JavaScript! Whether you just a little dynamic behaviour in a website, or a lot of dynamic behaviour in an advanced web app, jQuery can help you. 


As mentioned jQuery has a lot of very nice features. This jQuery tutorial will go through these features in depth on their own pages. Just to give you a taste, here are some of the things you can do with jQuery:

  • Select HTML elements in various ways, easing access to the elements to be enhanced.
  • Style the HTML elements dynamically, by manipulating their CSS properties or classes.
  • Manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model) of your page, (copy, move, modify etc.)
  • Animate the DOM elements, e.g. fading in / out, sliding, change color, change size etc.
  • Respond to events like mouse-over, mouse-out, change etc.
  • AJAX enable your web pages using jQuery’s smart AJAX features.
  • Use the many jQuery plugins (incl. jQuery UI), which contains all kinds of smart widgets.
  • Create advanced web application user interfaces, which resemble desktop user interfaces.

If you plan to develop your next web application in HTML 5, then jQuery can make this task a lot easier. jQuery works naturally with the HTML elements in the browser, so it doesn’t matter if they are HTML 4 or HTML 5 elements. As long as your browser supports it, so does jQuery.

The Official Website of JQuery

You can find jQuery at jQuery.com. From this website you can download jQuery and browse the reference documentation.

Getting Started With jQuery

Jquery is much interesting to learn. There lots of fun when dealing with it. so there lot of tutorial are coming next to learn it better and make you development easy.

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